The Birds of Devon & Cornwall.

Divers Grebes Shearwaters Gannets Cormorants
Herons Ibis Swans Geese Ducks
Ospreys Hawks Falcons Game Birds Rails
Oystercatchers Avocets Plovers Snipes Sandpipers
Phalaropes Thick-Knees Gulls Terns Skuas
Auks Pigeons Cuckoos Owls Nightjars
Swifts Kingfisher Woodpeckers Larks Swallows
Wagtails Pipits Waxwings Shrikes * Starlings
Accentors Wrens Dippers Warblers * Flycatchers
Chats Redstarts Wheatears * Thrushes Tits
Babblers Nuthatches Creepers Buntings Finches
Sparrows Crows Rare Visitors    

Please note:
 All images are copyright and were taken in Devon and Cornwall.

Locations are given (except for rare or sensitive birds to protect them from disturbance and nest robbers).

Remember: All birds are protected by law and heavy penalties can be inflicted on those who break the rules.